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Is it possible to modify the measurements of the parasols?

Except for some specific models indicated in the corresponding sheets, it is not possible to modify the measurements of the parasols.

What is the umbrellas size?

There are different height measurements, in the technical sheets the height of each item is indicated. In some cases the height is adjustable, since the mast has two parts. On the other hand, the height of the parasol base must be taken into account.

Can the frame be in a different color than the standard colors?

It is not possible, you cannot change the color of the frames.

Can logos be put on all parasol models?

Yes, it is possible, except for the 833 textilene parasol. It is convenient to consult each particular case.

Are there fabric replacements?

Yes, we have fabric replacements for all CONVA parasol models. It may also fit other parasol models with the same size.

Can you install enclosures on the parasols?

No, it is only suitable for Master and Giant parasols. In the case of the Heavy Duty range, they could be installed, but it is advisable to use a recessed base.

Can enclosures and rain gutters be installed on other non-CONVA parasols?

Yes there is no problem. We will study the proposal and try to produce it.

What is the delivery time of the parasols?

It depends on the type of fabric. Beige polyester parasols are usually prepared for quick service. Other fabrics and colors vary the delivery time. Normally, delivery times do not usually exceed 15 days as long as we have stock and we are not in high production weeks.

Is there a waterproof parasol model?

For now we do not have any model, but parasols with Masacril fabric have a high water repellency, it is a fabric that is used to make awnings.

Can parasols be made with fabrics that are not in the CONVA range of fabrics?

You can consult us any proposal you have, we are always open to adapt to your needs. Large quantity projects are more conducive to working on different off-the-chart fabrics.

Do the parasols include the base?

No, the base is not included. But you can choose between the bases that we recommend for each type of parasol.

Can wheels be attached to the parasol bases?

No, it is not possible. But there are several models of bases that DO include wheels.

What base should be put on the parasols?

You have to check the diameter of the parasol mast and see if it adapts to the diameter that the base tube accepts. In addition, the type of installation is important when choosing a base and can be adapted to weather conditions, types of soil and urban regulations. We offer you a selection of bases that can be compatible for each parasol, even so the choice is always under the responsibility of the customer.

What is the difference between polyester and acrylic fabrics?

Polyester fabric is a fabric with less performance and a lower quality than acrylics.
On the Finish Guide page you can see more information.

What density and thickness do I choose for the cushions or loungers?

Chair cushions: The use of 3 cm thick foam is recommended. And thickness of 20 kilos for Acrylics and 25 kg for Nautic.
Sun loungers: The use of 5 cm thick foams is recommended. And thickness of 20 kilos for Acrylics and 25 kg for Nautic.
More density equals more weight. Harder but at the beginning but more resistant over time. In the long run it is more comfortable and durable.

Are covers, cushions or loungers made to measure?

Yes, respecting minimum quantities and conditions, we usually do personalized projects. Each proposal will be studied.

What is the delivery time for textile products?

Furniture usually does not exceed 15 days of delivery. If there is no stock of some material, it may be delayed, but they are very exceptional cases.

Can you put wheels on the planters?

It is not advisable, since they are designed to be fixed. However, they are prepared so that some wheels can be attached, always at the customer’s expense.

What is the delivery time of the furniture?

Furniture usually does not exceed 15 days of delivery. If there is no stock of some material, it may be delayed but they are very exceptional cases.

What guarantees are there?

On the general warranty page you can find all the information.